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- Christina Jandali, Deliver Your Genius
Business by Design Gives You → Execution Maps + Structure
My Bonuses Give You → Mindset Mastery + Audience Connection
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90 Days of LIVE Coaching with
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'Create Sold Out Programs' 
Workshop for Coaches
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Get Your Next 1,000 People
Audience Growth Playbook
This new bundle includes Christina's groundbreaking "Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Group Members" Training as well as her "How to Rapidly Grow Your Audience" Masterclass for skyrocketing your visibility by hosting free virtual events
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Content That Converts
Fast Track your Content Creation
Find yourself stuck on content ideas? Or does it feel like you're giving too much away for free? Enough of that! Get 90 pages of Christina's BEST converting FB posts that have generated multi-6 figures in revenue & guest expert Brandon Lucero will help you create 6 months of content in just 3 days!
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7-Figure Mindset Playbook
Get Shannon's in-depth training programs designed to help you effectively prioritize and neurohack your way to success and think like a millionaire entrepreneur so you can become one. Finally learn a brain-based approach to selling so people are excited to buy and you get to celebrate Sold Out Programs!
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Here's a breakdown of everything you'll get...
(Ticket Price $5,000) 
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"Business Breakthrough" 
LIVE 1-Day Mastermind Event
Join James Wedmore, Pat Flynn, and
Dr. Shannon Irvine in San Diego!
This EPIC 1-day, in-person LIVE intensive takes place in San Diego, California in September. Take advantage of this incredible event to uplevel your business, expand your influence, and neurohack™ your way to success in just 1 day!
(VALUED AT $3,000)
FREE for the first 25 to Enroll!!
6-Figure Launch Playbook
  • ​Get swipe files & templates for registration pages, promotional copy for social and emails, and sales sequence follow up
  • Get access to the recordings of Christina's complete Launch in a Weekend virtual retreat
  • Take a peek behind the scenes with Dr. Shannon's Epic 6-Figure Launch Breakdown
(VALUED AT $3,000)
90 Days Live Coaching & Virtual VIP Training
featuring guest expert James Wedmore
90 Days of Community Building & Mindset Coaching from Industry experts Dr. Shannon Irvine and Christina Jandali to help you apply all that you learn in BBD. Also includes a VIP virtual training day with special guest James Wedmore
Plus you'll get access to a private Facebook group: an intimate community where you can get all of your questions answered
Session #1
Get Your Mind Right!
with Dr. Shannon Irvine
Learn how to train your brain to Manifest the business of your dreams! UNCOVER Your Limiting Beliefs About Business, Money, & Success so you can finally feel what it's like to be UNSTOPPABLE!
Session #2
Your Profit Plan
with Christina Jandali
Learn how Successful Businesses ACTUALLY run their online empires! Finally create a clear plan so you know the KEY Numbers to focus on that directly contrinute to REAL BUSINESS GROWTH!
Session #3
Your Irresistible Offer
with Christina Jandali
The PROVEN Formula for Crafting Offers that your audience actually want and find out the Right Type of Leveraged Offers that Gets You Both Income & Impact!
Session #4
Your Sales System + Confident Selling
with Dr. Shannon Irvine
Unleash your earning potential and make your success inevitable! Rewire your brain to hit your goals with ease and learn to craft an irresistible offer that your customers WANT to buy!
Session #5
Get Your Messaging Right & Rapidly Build Your Audience
with James Wedmore
“What if no one wants to buy my stuff?” This is a common fear, but in this training, James will help you create an irresistible marketing message that converts like crazy!
Session #6
Your Team By Design
with Christina & Dr. Shannon
Starting out on your own isn’t the problem. Trying to do everything on your own as you grow IS the problem! In this training, you'll learn how to effectively scale your business for MASSIVE impact!
(VALUED AT $5,000)
NeuroCoach™ Workshop
How to create SOLD OUT coaching programs with NeuroCoach™ Method
Learn Dr. Shannon’s signature Neurocoaching™ model to sell out your programs and initiate powerful mindset transformations for your clients from day one!
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What Exactly is 'Business By Design' and How Can it Help?
As a Business By Design member, you'll get exclusive access to 
6 Business-Building Training Modules
Business By Design focuses on EXECUTION, NOT LEARNING. 
Business By Design focuses on EXECUTION, NOT LEARNING. It shows you exactly what to do, without the guesswork, and without the heavy-lifting! YES, you'll be able to outsource and delegate as you go!
Are you waiting for all of the missing pieces in your business before you feel ready?
Let me ask you this...
If I gave you all the missing pieces would you move forward, take action, follow through and crush your launch? 
Thought so!
There has never been a better way to create connection online with your ideal people than with a fully engaged audience and a brain-based approach to running your business.
That's why, when you combine the power of James' launch playbooks in Business by Design with mine and Dr. Shannon Irvine's incredible bonuses, you're going to have groundbreaking results.
If you're like me, you're excited to focus on EXECUTION, not just learning. You're finally ready to start scaling 
I joined BBD 2 years ago. 

At the time, most of my revenue came from 1:1 client work. 

I had launched a course and made about $5,000 in sales.

I knew I was on to something but needed help to SCALE.

Enter James Wedmore and Business by Design execution maps. 

Within two months of going through the processes and strategies inside BBD and the massive support from Team Wedmore ......

A made a few small tweaks and....

The next launch I made $55k in sales.  

I've since joined James' exclusive Inner Circle mastermind and...

I’ve launched - and relaunched - and relaunched my course. 

That same course has become my signature and generated multi 6-figures in my business. 

Investing in James' Business by Design (BBD) program has been one of the BEST decisions I've made in my business!

It just goes to show what can happen in 2 months....and in two years!

And now, you too can get all of James' GENIUS, processes and execution maps in his premier training program 'Business by Design!"

Give yourself permission. 

If not now....when??

It’s already inside you ... BBD helps you get it out to the world 
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