Use The Power Of Facebook Marketing To Attract Perfect-for-you Clients, Raise Your Rates, Increase Your Income and Grow An Online Empire - All While Having Fun & Getting Paid To Be You!
This could be the best thing you’ve EVER seen.
I’m surprised this isn’t talked about more because quite honestly, the money you can make on Facebook is astronomical! 
We are SO freakin’ excited to bring this to you - 
The BEST course on Facebook Marketing that exists 
(that’s not our egos talking - it’s the TRUTH - we know because we’ve seen the stuff out there on Facebook marketing and… to be frank? It’s total crap).
Is it possible to get a predictable and consistent stream of clients on Facebook?
Clients that -
  •  Love you for you and exactly who you are
  •  Pay you what you’re worth (and pay you on time!)
  •  Send you testimonials on the regular
  •  You’re excited to talk to every week 
  •  Inspire you as much as you inspire them
The answer, of course, is HELL FREAKIN’ YES! 
We know because we’ve done it. Over and over again.
It’s how we run our businesses now, making multiple 5-figures every single month, with ease, signing on soulmate clients consistently! 
Let’s cut to the chase...
The 5 Days, 5 Ways framework is designed to
double your sales without doubling your time on Facebook. 
More money. Less hustle. Fancy that? Keep reading...

You are a coach, leader, artist, badass entrepreneur, who was on a mission.

So what happened? 

Maybe you got sidetracked and ended up lost online in a sea of sameness, wondering how you could possibly stand out.

You felt deflated at the lack of sales to show for all of your effort.
(All of those late nights, OMG!)

You didn’t want to show up and share every day because you felt like you weren’t good enough
(especially after spending all day comparing yourself to everyone else).
You’ve been told that you have to: 
  •  Do livestreams daily
  •  Get in front of the camera!
  •  Post 5+ times every day in multiple other Facebook groups
  •  Hustle until you collapse at your desk
  •  Launch new offers every single week
  •  Do massive launches that take months to prepare
  •  Talk about A,B,C, even though you really want to talk about X,Y,Z
  •  Give value for months before you can start selling
But you see the possibility of doing things YOUR way,
on YOUR terms, living YOUR dreams...
You just want it to be easy!
You tried hustling all hours of the night. You tried writing 1,000 word Facebook posts. You tried Facebook ads. You tried doing livestreams every day. 

And it didn’t work! It made you feel terrible, you were tired and irritable all the time, and you were over-worked and totally under-paid. 

You sit there now, craving the freedom of having, being and doing what you want, when you want, how you want - in your own way. Yet you’re far from that reality, right? 

You’re struggling to get to bed at a decent time each night. You wake up to no new FB messages from potential clients. And your latest post on your page only got 2 likes and 1 comment. 

All while others seemingly blew up overnight! Their posts are always getting dozens of likes, comments, and even shares! They don’t even post anywhere near as much as you do, yet the engagement they get is unreal. 

They seem to be having so much fun! It’s SO easy for them! You want that. 
It's your time. Right now.
I know what you're thinking -

There’s no way I can create a Facebook group; 
I have no time! I’m already swamped!

I’m gonna have to be posting all day long if 
anyone is ever gonna pay attention to me!
I don’t want to do livestreams every day; 
don’t make me do it! 
There IS a better way…
Want to know something cool? You get to run your business and live your life exactly the way YOU want to. No one else gets to have a say. It’s 100%, entirely up to you. 

And when you show up on Facebook to share your gifts with the world, you get to do it in a way that feels good to you. No permission needed from anyone. 

The good news is that marketing on Facebook, sharing your gifts, and making heaps of money is the EASIEST IT’S EVER BEEN. In fact, it’s near impossible to fail at this! 

And in The 5 Day, 5 Way Formula For Facebook Fortune, we’re going to show you how to use Facebook to grow your visibility, your impact, and your income, in a MASSIVE way.

This isn't like anything you've seen before:
Whether you choose to admit it or not, your ideal clients AND your competitors are on Facebook right now, and if you don’t know how to use these strategies to command your customers’ attention, deliver on their desires, and fire them up, then you’re driving them straight into each other’s arms. 

That means...

Do not pass go. Do not collect your five-figure months. 

We know that’s not what you want. 

That’s why every morsel of this program is dripping with THE VERY SAME ACTION STEPS we BOTH have used to build our online empires, fill our calendars to the brim with clients we love working with, and succeed for years in an industry where people who don’t know what they’re doing can drop like flies. 

It’s rare to get insight from one indomitable business boss, let alone two, who know EXACTLY what you’re struggling with and EXACTLY how to help you get to the other side of the fence — you know, the one where your wishlist becomes your daily reality??
Just take a peek at our numbers...
  •  A single post generated $50K in sales for Christina (Could you use an extra $50K?  Thought so.)
  •  Cassie makes 90% of her $500K+ yearly income from Facebook alone (If that isn’t proof enough that Facebook is the future of business, we don’t know what is)
  •  Christina grew her brand new group from 0 to 2000 in 2 weeks flat!
  •  We’ve been featured in Forbes, Coach Magazine, Evercoach by Mindvalley, telesummits, podcasts and the Huffington Post because of our Facebook groups
  •  Cassie only spends 2 hours a day AT MOST on Facebook to make multi-5 figure pay days
We started from scratch online and used Facebook to leverage $1 Million+ in combined online sales. That’s no chump change! We carved our own ways, found what worked for us, and used it to skyrocket to the forefront of our industries. 
We didn’t have to sell our souls or sacrifice our sanity to get here — and neither do you. 
The 5 Days, 5 Ways framework is designed to
double your sales without doubling your time on Facebook. 
Personal Facebook Profile
In The 5 Day, 5 Way Formula For Facebook Fortune, we’ll show you: 
1. How to use your profile to attract perfect-for-you clients that want to hire you.
2. Selling intelligently on your personal profile (with your integrity still intact).
3. Setting up your personal profile to position you as the expert you are.
4. Using your personal profile to increase your visibility + get seen + get paid.
Facebook business page
You’ll discover: 
1. The best money-making strategy for Facebook Pages (that actually works!).
2. When to post, how to post, and WHAT to post on your Facebook page (and why).
3. How to increase your Facebook page LIKES and get more engagement with your content.
4. Getting your Facebook posts in front of WAY more people every day (without spending way more time posting).
Livestreams that sell on facebook
Prepare to dominate:  
1. How to set up a Livestream and look like a pro even if you’ve never gone live before.
2. Where and when to go LIVE (personal page, biz page or group) so you capture the most viewers and get the MAXIMUM interaction on FB. 
3. Get 30 Livestream prompts for topics for any niche so you’re never left wondering what to say.
4. Learn how to use Livestreams to get leads, fill up your calendar with discovery calls and make more sales.
Someone else's facebook group
1. Hello sister, time to cash in on other people’s facebook groups and get seen where your soulmate clients are already hanging out so you can get seen as the go to expert!
2. Find out how non-promo groups give you a huge advantage and what you can do to build your own raving fan base.
3. Find out what Facebook groups will give you inside access to your soulmate clients that are ready and eager to buy. Sayonara freebie seekers!
4. How to leverage other people’s Facebook’s group to quickly expand your reach by creating speaking opportunities on podcasts, summits and even as a guest inside other people’s paid programs. Hello opportunity!
Your own facebook group
You’ll discover: 
1. The #1 way to grow your Facebook Group crazy fast, full of the perfect soulmate clients and customers.
2. How to market in your group so you have new sales coming in every day! 
3. Easy ways to increase engagement in your group and get people excited about being there.
4. An easier way to create content for your Facebook group that will resonate with your members and get them eager to work with you. 
Can't you just picture it now?
  •  Unapologetically sharing your message and impact with the whole wide world
  •  Getting into the money flow as sales come in...and in...and in… (Peace out, feast and famine! We are so over you!)
  •  Deep, unshakeable confidence in how to generate the dollars in your biz
  •  Leading your own tribe of awesome raving fans who eat up your offers and spread their love for you like glitter in the wind
  •  Being in front of your perfect-for-you clients exactly when they need you
  •  Selling offers you love... to people you adore
Why ride the struggle bus when the Facebook fortune express is here, waiting for you to hop aboard?
The program starts November 20th
Here's what's included:
5 days of live profit-soaring, myth-busting, and oh holy hallelujah trainings that cut the crap and dish the deets on what it actually takes to hit those big revenue numbers and wrangle your dream clients using Facebook marketing magic
Your new favorite Facebook hangout, the Facebook Fortune Digital Lounge. Rub elbows and clink martini glasses with other business powerhouses and powerhouses-in-the-making as you rise to fame and fortune and rule the industry roost alongside your new business besties #richisthenewblack
Got-your-back-baby support and hold-your-hand implementation for two straight weeks. (It’s the perfect chance to devour the lessons and then take massive action to keep the momentum going) 
Worksheets to help quantum leap your learning and speed up your marketing success
Super secret templates that anyone in any niche can use to get more clients, increase their engagement, close sales conversations and multiply their income (These are so potent we usually save them for our top private clients)
Oodles of real life examples of highly converting posts, copy and content that’ll have you leading the pack in likes, comments, engagement, shares and sales (Better call PayPal and let them know you’re about to experience a hefty growth surge!!)
And just in case that wasn’t enough to move your needle over to “Hell to the yes!”, we’re including an entire suite of bonuses to get you majorly noticed and majorly profitable: 
- bonus #1 -
Cassie’s Sales Mastery Blueprint Program
Would you be happy with a steady flow of $10K, $20K and $30K every month? I thought so. The Sales Mastery Blueprint was designed and created to take you from struggling entrepreneur to badass biz babe in just 4 weeks. So you can finally have the steady flow of clients and cash you desire, avoid shiny object syndrome, and gain credibility like a mofo. Not to mention that whole FREEDOM thing.
- bonus #2 -
Christina's Outrageous
Outreach Scripts
Can you imagine your conversions feeling as natural as conversations? Real clients have used these grab-and-go scripts in their business to bring in $10K in sales, find new leads and boost their bottom lines...without ever having to wonder what to say or feel sleazy or inauthentic. 
- bonus #3 -
Cassie's Money Launch Checklist
The exact process for launching in a way that makes you the MOST amount of money with your next launch. This easy-to-use checklist is all you need the next time you launch! 
- bonus #4 -
Create Wow Graphics! 
Canva training from expert design guru Laura Patricelli
Discover 5 ways to make your graphics really POP, so you stand out against the crowd, exude an air of moxie and show up as the Facebook force of nature that’ll have your competitors quaking in their fall boots
- bonus #5 -
2 Extra Weeks of Support!
That's right, you'll get an extra two weeks of support for a total of four weeks to make sure all your questions get answered in a private Facebook group!
An Extra Bonus Bundle for the First 10 Biz Bosses Who Buy
We’re sweetening the pot 
for the first 10 fast action takers who join 
like, right this second (or sooner). 

If you’re one of those first lucky 10, you’ll receive the complete 
5 Days, 5 Way Formula For Facebook Fortune program 
PLUS a little something something from behind door number one…
- fast action bonus #1 -
Black Friday Promo Power Pack
Pssst. Get insider access to the behind-the-scenes of Christina’s last Black Friday sale, so you can engineer one that brings in a boatload of cash in your business. 

Christina will pull back the curtain on what worked and what didn’t, and she’ll share the one sentence email that increased sales by 12%.

Simple little tweaks are worth their weight in gold!
- fast action bonus #2 -
How to Craft the Perfect Offer
Do you want your business future to be full of happy clients and a mountain of cash? Wanna get the down and dirty truth on what makes a client spend big, big dollar bills...and what makes a client snooze and scroll past your offer? 

How To Craft The Perfect Offer is your new trusted business partner, who will only let you put out what’s going to be lucky and lucrative. 
The strategies in 5 Day, 5 Way Formula For Facebook Fortune have earned us a combined million dollars and more in sales. What can they do for you? 
are you a very important person?
The VIP track is for badass biz babes who want high-octane results, with extra foam, to go please.
All VIP members will receive...
  •  The complete 5 Days, 5 Way Formula For Facebook Fortune program, including all the trainings, worksheets, templates, examples and the lounge
  •  The entire bonus library, including The Sales Money Mastery Blueprint, The Outrageous Outreach Scripts, The Money Launch Checklist and Create Wow Graphics
  •  Plus + One 20-minute private call with Cassie Howard to squash your FB fear, accelerate your income and grab freedom by its (lady)balls
  •   Plus + One 20-minute private call with Christina Jandali to bust through your blocks, fast track your results, and supercharge your strategy
  •   A review and rewrite to turn your FB post from passed over to profitable 
Become a VIP for $797
(or two payments of $399)
Lots of love for Cassie & Christina - Check it out!
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